Different Types Of TV Aerials

TV aerials, also known as TV antennas, are a still quite common form of signal interception technology used, of course, for the reception of television signals. While these devices do remain quite common in the modern world, they have since lost ground to technologies such as satellite dishes and fiber optic cables, yet in many parts of the world they still remain popular and useful for picking up over the air signals for television broadcasts. Even in the most technologically advanced parts of the world, the sight of an array of TV aerials mounted across the rooftops of an entire neighborhood is still a quite common sight to behold.

There are two main types of TV aerial, indoor and outdoor. They are exactly what they sound like. Indoor aerials are intended to be set up inside a house, either on top of or very near to a television set, where it then picks up television signals from the air waves and transmits them into the television set. Of indoor aerials, there are two main subtypes, though others do exist.

The first type is the dipole type of aerial. This consists of two metal poles specially manufactured to pick up television signals. These poles can be manipulated in various directions, but their appearance has given rise to their more common nickname; “rabbit ears”. The other main type of indoor aerial is the loop aerial, which is a simple metallic loop that uses a similar yet slightly different principle from dipole aerials to captured television signals and transmit them into a television set.

Outdoor aerials are of course another matter entirely. These devices are mounted on a sizable metal mast on top of the house that is receiving the signal, with a wire snaking down into the building itself that allows the signal to be picked up by televisions inside the building. Once a common sight, these devices are not as common as they had been, yet many older buildings still maintain their old aerials.

Among the more common types of outdoor aerials are the yagi-uda (also called the yagi) that is made up of metal rods placed parallel to one another and mounted on top of a mast, where it intercepts television signals. Another common type of outdoor aerial is the log periodic aerial, as well as the UHF multi bay aerial, which uses a reflective array aerial to capture its signals.